Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW
Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW
Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW
Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW
Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW
Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW
Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW

Paint by Numbers - SUMMER MEADOW

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About the product

Paint by Numbers is the way to go for anyone who would like to try painting on canvas. You don't need any previous painting experience. Just order this painting for example. You will receive a canvas with numbered areas, a set of matching paints and brushes. All you have to do is follow the instructions, carefully paint the areas with the paints and enjoy the final work.

Paint by numbers may remind you of colouring books from your childhood. Obviously, it’s not exactly the same thing. Instead of a colourful template to trace and colour in, you get a canvas with numbered areas. Each number corresponds to a specific colour that you use to colour in that area.

  • High-quality Italian canvas designed specifically for painting. 100 % linen. Highly durable.
  • Set of high-quality acrylic paints. Non-toxic, eco-friendly paints.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • Already framed (Stretched canvas) or No frame (Rolled Canvas).
  • Reference print.

Getting started

First you need to decide to give it a try, then all you have to do is:

  1. Order a paint by numbers kit from the online store with the largest selection of templates in Europe. Every kit comes with a canvas for painting (already framed if requested), a set of brushes and precisely the paints you will need in order to paint by numbers. You will also get a simple instruction manual to provide some guidance.
  2. Prepare a bowl or a glass of water. It will be useful for washing out your brushes before you start using a new shade of paint.
  3. Paper towels will also come in handy. You can wipe the brush in them and dry it so that the paint doesn't spread too much outside the marked areas on the canvas.
  4. Also, pour some wine, beer or your favourite drink into a glass, because painting by numbers is most of all about having fun, reliving stress, relaxing and enjoying the moment. Just don't confuse wine with the water you use for washing your brush. :-)
  5. Especially for paintings of a higher difficulty level, you will appreciate a magnifying glass placed on an easel, preferably with a light. The areas are sometimes really tiny and the numbers can be difficult to read without a magnifying glass.

Already framed (stretched canvas) vs. No frame (rolled canvas)

You may wish to hang the paintings on your wall as a lovely decoration. That requires getting a frame and framing the painting. You might even decide to get a glass frame. At Zuty, you can decide to paint on an already framed canvas.

The benefit of painting on an already framed canvas is that when painting, there is no risk of the canvas rolling up resulting in getting the individual colours smudged. It will be steady on an easel, which you can also decide to get from us.

Reference print

Each set contains a reference print to help you visualize the painting better.

WARNING: The reference print is for illustrative purposes only. The colours on the reference print may not exactly match the colours in the final painting. Ink on paper may have a different shade than acrylic paint on canvas. You can find a more accurate reference on our website in the detail of each product where you can download it.

Acrylic paints

You will be painting using the acrylic paints supplied in the kit. Why these paints, in particular?

  •       Acrylic paints are perfectly adapted for the use with the supplied canvas.
  •       Over 260 various shades on offer – all created by our artists.
  •       No need to blend the colours – you will get precisely the shades you need for your painting.
  •       Non-toxic, eco-friendly paints.
  •       Our acrylic paints don’t fade out over time – they stay vibrant.

Clear contours of numbered areas; numbered according to the relevant acrylic paints, enable the precise and accurate painting reproduction. Match the number on the paint pot with the number on the canvas and begin your artistic adventure!


When choosing the right canvas, you can decide whether or not you wish for your canvas to already be framed. Benefits of our frames:

  •       Made of spruce woodHigh-quality production.
  •       High-quality production.


No need to buy brushes! You might have some at home, but we strongly recommend you use the ones supplied in your paint by numbers kit. Why?

  •       Size and width of our brushes is designed for painting large as well as small areas.
  •       Excellent paint pick-up due to the used material.
  •       Nylon brushes are non-slippery and easy to handle.
  •       Bristles are fixed in a metal base to prevent them from falling out.

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